Events Of Note

1947- The Milks’ farm is purchased.
1948- April, Christian Heights is incorporated.
1948- May 4, First meeting of the Directors.
     Officers elected:
     Charles R. Clarke, President
     Samuel Blackwell, Vice-President
     Mildred E. Snyder, Secretary
     Wesley Varney, Treasurer

1949- The “Lake” was made.
1954- The ball field was leveled.
1955- The barn roof was raised for girls’ dormitory.
1956- The mess hall paneling was finished in memory of Dick Draper.
1958- Clarke, Varney and Tallman Cabins were built.
1960- Montgomery Cabin was built.
1964- Draper Memorial Building fireplace was finished.
1971- Insulation installed in Draper Building.
1972- Proposed tennis court area leveled; ball field expanded, Brown Cabin built (girls’).
1976- DOH closes the Lake to swimming and above ground pool is erected (donated by the Woodley family).
1988- Peters family moved to camp as caretakers.
1988- The above-ground pool is replaced with a newer one.
1990- Beaver build dam on the Lake causing washout of manmade dam.
1997- Basketball court paved.
1997-98- Shepherd’s Staff is constructed ending 50 years of privies.
2001- Reconstruction of the Peirce (wellhouse).
2003- Construction of the Hewitt Cabin (girls’).
2005- Construction of the Stable (staff).
2006- Gifford Playground is built.
2006-07- Renovation of the Draper Building.
2009- 24′ X 24′ addition to Shepherd’s Staff building
2009- Pavilion built for bell from Suspension Bridge Church of Christ.
2010- New staff bedroom built in Shepherd’s Staff basement.
2014- New in-ground pool constructed (in time for camp!).
2016- Memorial Pavilion is constructed near the basketball court.
2018- Archery supply shed and two pool supply sheds are constructed, steel roofs are built on the Montgomery and Brown Cabins.